EWOT Energy Plus delivers lifetime maximum oxygenation within 5 minutes for optimal physical and mental wellness that lasts.

EWOT Energy is a 15 minute breakthrough that's effective, practical, affordable and fast

Practitioners report that most health conditions respond quickly and more deeply with EWOT Energy Plus Oxygenation protocols

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Super Oxygenate Your Body for Optimal Physical and Mental Wellness In Just 15 Minutes with EWOT Energy Plus

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EWOT – Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

In the middle of the last Century a German physicist, Dr Manfred Von Ardenne, discovered the amazing curative effects of what he described as “Multi Step Oxygen Therapy”. Over the years Von Ardenne’s original research has become known as EWOT – Exercise With Oxygen Therapy.

EWOT is different to any other form of Oxygen therapy, including Oxygen Bars, Hyperbaric Chambers, and the type of medical oxygen therapy given to patients suffering certain illnesses.

When you exercise, even very mildly, the fine capillaries in the depths of your muscles, skin, organs and brain open up, allowing more blood to access those usually dormant nooks and crannies. More blood means more oxygen getting to cells that may not be receiving much. Without oxygen our cells die, become disabled, or mutate. More blood also allows waste products and toxins to be removed from cells and transported to the liver and kidneys for elimination. One of the most important benefits of exercise is this very fact!

When we do this with EWOT we are sending oxygen enriched blood to those nooks and crannies. Because the blood is oxygen enriched and we are exercising with an elevated heart rate, we actually pressurize the system to literally force more oxygen into our cells. Flooding all those sleepy cells in our body with oxygen has amazing benefits across a wide range of applications in everyday people’s lives!

EWOT USA delivers the most advanced application of EWOT, using a large oxygen reservoir bag and the ability to add contrast between high oxygen and low oxygen. Everyone who tries the system,even just once, can feel the immediate benefits, which include decreased fatigue, mental clarity, and high energy levels.

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Oxygen provides your cells with Energy

EWOT Athletic Performance Benefits

Elite athletes can benefit from faster recovery, higher workload tolerance, improved oxygen uptake, and improved mental acuity when using EWOT as part of their training and in competition regime.

EWOT Anti-Aging Benefits

As we get older the tendency is to slow down. This results in less oxygen getting into your cells. EWOT can radically change cellular oxygenation leaving you feeling, and looking, years younger.

EWOT Fitness Benefits

Just 15 minutes of contrast training with EWOT gives all the beneficial fitness effects of an hour of intense workout. Excellent results can be achieved at any level of current fitness.

EWOT Health Benefits

The benefits of improved oxygen circulation can be attained by everyone, regardless of current illness or injury. In fact, EWOT speeds up recovery and strengthens the immune system.

Why Our EWOT Systems?

REAL High Flow EWOT Mask

This is our 4th generation mask, and has come about from over 2 years of rigorous trials and testing. This mask has been designed for extremely high air flow, with a 1.5 inch inlet (40mm) from the oxygen reservoir, and 2 extra large outlets (left and right side 30mm each) to ensure the expelled air is removed rapidly. In addition to the ultra high flow, comfort and ease of use is another major concern, and the soft rubber of this mask fits comfortably to all face shapes to ensure the best seal with the most comfort. All this helps ensure each EWOT session is the most enjoyable and beneficial as it can be.

REAL Extra Large Reservoir

Our reservoir for the EWOT Energy Plus (Contrast System) is the largest on the market, with both a larger High O2 section and a larger Low O2 section when compared to our competitors systems.  In short, this enables you to spend longer on the bag, and allows you to have multiple people using the bag back to back. For athletes and people using this at home, this means that you can exercise harder and for longer, confident that you will have oxygen there to power your exertion and recovery. And for business owners this means that you can have more people using the bag, which translates into higher profits for you!

Piping and Tubing

The piping between the switch box and the mask, and inside the reservoir, is also 1.5 inches in diameter. This means that the air does not bottle neck or struggle to get through from the reservoir at any time, ensuring that you can always breath easily, even when you are pushing the hardest. From the pictures you can see that our piping is 2 to 3 times the size of our competitors. This is the difference between trying to breath through a straw and breathing normally.

Switch Boxes (Contrast System Only)

Our Switch Boxes are specifically designed to be heavy duty and for maximum air flow. Again we have used 1.5 inch diameter piping to ensure air passes easily from the reservoir to the mask. You can see from the pictures that the piping on our switch box is 2 to 3 times the size of the competitors.

EWOT For Health And Fitness

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