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EWOT Energy Home System   

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EWOT Energy Home System will provide you with the BEST EWOT Experience (bar none) possible. After 5 years of development and testing EWOT Australia has created the most User Friendly EWOT system on the planet. Every component of this system has been custom made to ensure Ultra Air Flow, Safety and Durability. This system is suitable for all ages and fitness types and can provide unlimited High Oxygen (90% +) for the various EWOT protocols. This is a heavy duty system that can be used in the home or in a studio or clinical environment.

Product Description:

  • 1 x EWOT Energy Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1 x Extra Large Reservoir & Ultra High Flow Piping
  • 1 x Ultra High Flow Mask (40mm air inlet for ultra easy breathing)
  • 1 x Ultra High Flow Tubing (40mm inner Diameter & 1.5m in Length)
  • 1 x Oximeter Watch

The EWOT Energy Oxygen Concentrator draws in the ambient air and concentrates it into almost pure Oxygen (90    to 94%) by removing the nitrogen and other gases from normal air. The Oxygen Concentrator runs on normal electricity and is manufactured to concentrate oxygen 24 hours a day for 365 days a year so it is very reliable, quiet to run, and easy to use. Your purchase includes full set up instructions and a 3 year warranty.

The Extra Large Reservoir Bag (2.5m x 1.5m) has a 1200L Capacity which is enough reserve oxygen for the various EWOT 15 minute protocols. The EWOT Energy Home System is suitable for ALL health and fitness types (from Chronic Illnesses to Elite Athletes) and is big enough for multiple people to use back to back.

The Extra Large Reservoir Bag is made with High Quality, Medical Grade polyurethane interior bladder to ensure no plasticizers that give off/ leach chemicals) with a nylon cover to protect the bladder from light and dust. The pipe work throughout the reservoir and all the way to the mask is all 40mm Ultra High Flow to ensure easy breathing. Only dry oxygen goes into the reservoir so it does not require internal maintenance or cleaning. The reservoir is typically hung from the ceiling or any frame set up close to your exercise equipment. The reservoir also offers the convenience of being hung horizontal or vertical.

The Ultra High Flow Mask have been custom made for our EWOT systems to allow easy breathing while going through each session. They contain a one way 40mm valve to breathe the oxygen in and 2 separate one way 30mm valves to breathe out, this make this mask the only REAL High Flow EWOT Mask in the market. The durable Silicon Shell is extremely comfortable, easy to clean and comes in 2 sizes S/M and M/L. To secure the Mask while you exercise there is 2 easy to use adjustable straps that simply loop over your head, one sits at the back of your neck and the other sits on the crown of the head. This Ultra High Flow EWOT Mask has been designed and tested for the past 2 years to ensure the absence of claustrophobia and restriction in breathing some people experience when using other EWOT Systems. (Many people cannot use hyperbaric chambers for this very reason!)

The Finger Oximeter measures your blood oxygen level and your heart rate. The finger oximeter works by light! If you hold a torch up to your finger in a dark room you can almost see thorough your finger! Using this principle, the oximeter can read the blood pulsing through your finger tip for your heart rate as well as measure (quite accurately) the amount of oxygen in your blood. (Please note this will NOT read the full effects of the EWOT system, it does not measure the super Oxygen saturation of the blood plasma)

The EWOT Energy Home System is very simple to put together. The System comes in 2 packages (the concentrator and the EWOT Kit) and it is as simple as connecting a tube from the oxygen concentrator to the reservoir bag and an Ultra High Flow Tube from the bag to your mask.


Your EWOT Energy is covered by a full Warranty for 12 months. Please read full details of our warranty.

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