Each stressful event in our life can drop our blood oxygen score drastically. Our best blood oxygen score is 100 (normally only found in young children). Our blood oxygen level drops an average of 5 points per ten years. Between ages 30-40 our blood oxygen level drops the most (up to 10 points). The danger zone is an oxygen level of 60 or less! You could live to 120 if properly supplied with oxygen and are in good health.

We can keep our oxygen level at 100 if we do EWOT regularly. We are at best breathing about 20% oxygen (depending on altitude and pollution level). Breathing concentrated oxygen from an oxygen generator can deliver up to 90% oxygen.

Concentrated oxygen from an oxygen generator does not require a doctor’s prescription – only pure medical oxygen required that (and breathing pure medical oxygen has some negative implications that EWOT concentrated oxygen does not).

When you use EWOT your blood and your blood serum both carry a higher amount of oxygen than at rest breathing regular 20% oxygen air. This higher level of oxygen “forces” more oxygen into your cells where it can be used for aerobic respiration, and other metabolic processes that require oxygen.

Not having enough oxygen for these processes is one of the main causes of inflammation – and inflammation is one of the main factors that underline many common ailments.

Examples of oxygen killers:

  • smoking (each time you smoke you can drop 10 points)
  • alcohol (one molecule of alcohol kills 3 molecules of oxygen)
  • mental overstrain (death of a loved one, yelling at someone, etc.)
  • physical overstrain (boxing, marathon running, heavy weight lifting, endurance cycling)
  • lack of exercise
  • total bed rest
  • intoxications
  • operations
  • drugs (of all types)
  • cancer
  • noise
  • immunizations
  • trauma
  • infections
  • extensive burns
  • traveling (business & pleasure)

The long term effects of these oxygen lowering activities can result in serious degenerative dis-eases. Diet and lifestyle surely play a large role in chronic illnesses as well, however, regular use of EWOT can very quickly improve many dis-eases, chronic inflammation, and reverse some of the negative effects of poor lifestyle choices. Of course, improving your diet and lifestyle will go a long way as well!

Stop the morning hangover:
Breath oxygen for 10 minutes before you go to bed and ten minutes when you wake up. Your blood alcohol level can drop by up to .01% (reducing a hangover greatly). Every molecule of alcohol kills 3 molecules of oxygen.

Exercising with Oxygen:
Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma
Increases strength during exercise which allows you to burn more calories in the same time frame (i.e., you can exercise harder than usual without fatigue)
Can increase your pO2 levels higher than that of a healthy 20 year old
Can be done while riding a stationary bike, elliptical, or using a treadmill.
Can provide a higher level of mental clarity
Can provide an increase in energy

Helps with the following conditions and/or recovery time:
Heart failure
Alzheimer s
High Blood Pressure
Individuals which are exposed to loud noise environments
Severe Physical Exercise (lifting weights, running, boxing, etc.)
Infectious disease
Skin Conditions
Eye Diseases

Oxygen therapies have great potential where cancer is concerned. As early as 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in his work regarding what causes cells to become cancerous. “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cell respiration.” It is well known that cancer cells thrive under conditions of low oxygen and high acidity.

Heart conditions:
The heart goes into spasm largely due to lack of oxygen. EWOT increases oxygen levels and reduces strain on the heart.

Oxygen myths:
A. Exercising “increases” the oxygen intake and therefore increases your body’s oxygen content. Quite the opposite! The more strenuous the exercise, the more oxygen consumed – puffing = oxygen debt!

B. Oxygen is only for elderly or injured. If the elderly used EWOT during exercise in their younger years, they many not have to be on “medical grade oxygen” during their later years!

C. Breathing higher levels of oxygen can hurt you. Not true unless you have very low cellular pH levels (i.e., your body is acidic). Your pH level should be 7.4 (or close to it). Pure oxygen may cause oxidative stress, particularly if the body is in an acidic state, or even a highly stressed state. Long term use of pure oxygen can damage the lungs. Both of these issues relate more to the use of medical grade oxygen in the sick, elderly, or in hospital. EWOT is concentrated oxygen and you use it for just 15 minutes at a time, usually only once a day at the most.

D. Running high in the mountains is the best way to get “fresh air.” Not true. The higher the altitude, the lower the O2 concentration. Strenuous activity at high altitude is a major oxygen depleter.

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