EWOT is an acronym for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy. It was invented by Manfred Von Ardenne, (1907-1997) physicist, researcher and inventor, a state award winner of the USSR, and a national award winner of the GDR. In Germany, Dr. von Ardenne’s homeland, EWOT has been, and continues to be, practiced (since the 1970s) in mainstream medicine, where it is also known as Multistep Oxygen Therapy.

EWOT is viewed as a medical therapy in Germany; however it is not approved as a medical therapy in Canada, the USA or Australia. As such, no prescription is required, and access to the equipment for EWOT is easy in most countries. However, this also means that no claims can be made about the effects of EWOT for specific illnesses or dis-eases even though EWOT is routinely used to treat various illnesses in Germany.

EWOT uses some equipment and some protocols (methods) to deliver the beneficial effects of exercising with oxygen. At a very basic level, bottled medical oxygen can be used and just waved under the mouth and nose while doing some form of activity. This will result in a very small increase in the oxygen percentage you are breathing, but perhaps not enough to make any significant changes to your physiology. Most companies who claim to sell EWOT equipment use methods and systems not a lot better than this!

A better method is to build on Dr, Von Ardenne’s Multistep Oxygen Therapy protocols and massively increase the amount of oxygen available to you, with specifically design exercise protocols design at an individual level.

To do this EWOT USA uses a large bag to store pure oxygen that has been generated by an oxygen concentrator of a specific standard. The oxygen concentrators used have a high capacity and the ability to recycle the “waste” air (low oxygen air) to create greater flexibility with delivery protocols. The bag itself ensures there is more than enough oxygen to last your entire 15 minute workout (the same cannot be said to be true for any other system). Additionally the mask used and the air flow hoses used ensure that even the fittest athletes can breath as much as they need to without restriction.

EWOT USA delivers two main styles of EWOT – EWOT Energy Plus (which delivers contrast training between high oxygen air and low oxygen air) and EWOT Energy (the standard therapeutical delivery system).

There are many benefits of EWOT – you will find everything you need to know on these pages – but the real proof is when you try EWOT, even just once! We won’t need to convince you!