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Is is possible to get oxygen toxicity with EWOT Energy or EWOT Energy Plus?

In 1947 the British military discovered that oxygen could be toxic, Oxygen Toxicity, as a result of underwater research. The same research discovered that Nitrogen (78% of air) caused Nitrogen Narcosis. In simple terms, oxygen toxicity only occurs under very, very, elevated oxygen partial pressures. This research determined that super-concentrated oxygen, 18x normal, (impossible without military-grade equipment or deep diving), produces oxygen poisoning.

• Ardenne’s protocols use oxygen at far less than these levels, and have never been reported to cause harm or produce oxygen toxicity symptoms, in any person.

• Athletic protocols, have over a 75% safety margin; and non-athletic protocols have a 95% safety margin.

A detailed analysis follows. According to the research documentation, oxygen toxicity effects cannot occur with Oxygen Multstep Therapy or EWOT Energy/Energy Plus systems – because they cannot produce high enough levels of oxygen for a long enough period of time to produce these effects. The research into oxygen toxicity required 17.9 atmospheres, or breathing oxygen under water of 538 feet. This is very extreme.

For comparison, Ardenne’s pregnancy support protocol uses about 4 atmospheres of oxygen for 15 minutes during labor preceeding childbirth.  This is about 125 feet of water breathing regular air, not oxygen, for a short period of time. His quick protocols use about 60% oxygen for 15 minutes. The EWOT Energy/Energy Plus system supports Ardennes highest level protocols for athletic training and labor.

The highest oxygen levels that any OMT system are capable of are less than 1/4 the oxygen partial pressures known or ever reported to produce any oxygen toxicity effect in any person. There are no reports, over the past 30 years, that any of Ardenne’s protocols have ever caused any sign of oxygen toxicity in any person.

Can EWOT Energy or EWOT Energy Plus cause oxidative stress?

The EWOT energy and EWOT Energy Plus equipment is not capable of delivering enough oxygen for a long enough period of time to damage lungs or cause oxygen toxicity. There are two documented situations where low pressure oxygen can cause harm:

• Lorrain Smith Effect – Resulting from oxidative stress to lung tissues exceeding 95% for four hours

• Paul Bert Effect – Oxygen Toxicity – with high pressure causes Oxygen Toxicity in Man

At normal pressure, the medically accepted threshold for oxidative stress to the lungs requires oxygen in excess of 95% exceeding 4 hours in the most sensitive individuals, with symptoms typically appearing after 14 hours.   EWOT Energy is capable of high levels 50 l/min for about 15 minutes.

This use is far below both thresholds for oxidative stress:

• The concentration of oxygen is at about 85%

• The duration is oxygen use is for 15 minutes maximum until consumption exhausts the reservoir, and use must stop.

All EWOT Energy/Energy Plus, can only deliver oxygen well within known safe levels, in both time and duration.

Your website doesn't say much about the health benefits of EWOT?

Due to Australian and American laws under the Therapeutic Goods Act we are unable to give any specific information relating to health issues and the benefits of EWOT. It is up to you to find out more! Von Ardenne is your best search term to begin to find out about his Nobel Prize winning research into oxygen therapies. EWOT Australia uses a system of delivery that easily matches Von Ardenne’s delivery systems and protocols. No other system truly matches his protocols. In the USA the system can be found at Live02.com

Why does the air from EWOT Energy/Energy Plus smell foul sometimes?

Users often notice “foul odors” that appear to be coming from the system. These odors often smell like chemical contaminants shortly after the user begins to exercise. These users are smelling their own breath as EWOT Energy enables body-cells to release a wide range of environmental and metabolic toxins. Exhaled breath often smells of benzene, formic acid (death), propane, fungus, yeast, and the like. This detoxification process has several steps and often begins very quickly, often within the first minute of use as:

1. User increases heart rate, rich oxygen reaches tissue within seconds;

2. The user’s cells exploit the rich oxygen condition to release stored volatile toxins into the blood;

3. The blood carries the toxins to the lungs;

4. The toxins evaporate into the air already in the lungs;

5. The user exhales the air;

6. A small amount of exhaled air, 1-2 cubic inches remain in the mask;

7. The user re-breathes a tiny amount of this toxin contaminated air in the next breath

8. And smells a small fraction of the toxins exhaled in the last breath;

9. The user presumes the “toxins” are from the system instead of from their own body because the process happened so quickly.

EWOT Energy/Energy Plus assure air purity with three different systems:

1. All air entering the system is filtered through HEPA compliant filters,

2. Then through zeolite beds with molecular filters so tiny that only O2 molecules can pass;

3. Finally, air exiting the surgical grade plastic lined reservoir is filtered by charcoal filters.

This three part system assures the cleanest possible air to the user – many times cleaner than room air.  The only possible source of contaminants is the user’s breath.

How often should I use my EWOT?

Your system may be used every day, several times a week, or as often as you desire. The results are cumulative, so the more often you use it the faster you can expect to reach your personal goal.

In the beginning, many users choose to use the system twice daily, in the morning and evening.

Users that exercise more “vigorously” achieve better results.

The system works by combining rich oxygen in the lungs with a of high heart rate to better saturate blood plasma and then push the plasma through tissues.

Doesn't Oxygen Require a Prescription?

Bottled medical grade oxygen does require a prescription in some parts of the world as the 100% pure and pressurized oxygen comes with some risks. Additionally those who require medical oxygen usually have medical conditions and are under a doctor’s care – that doctor needs to be able to control what is happening with their patient.

Conversely, oxygen concentrators that make less pure oxygen from the atmosphere, and cannot, within themselves, pressurize the oxygen, are usually not controlled by prescription. The use of this type of oxygen is more well-being, or exercise and fitness, related than medically related.

EWOT protocols, no matter how they are delivered, while well known for benefiting many medical conditions by anecdotal evidence (as well as von Ardenne’s Nobel Prize winning research and the large volume of research for medical applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapies) is still not considered a medical treatment. Therefore it is not controlled by most country’s Food, Drug or Medical Agencies.

This is great news for most people as it makes access to one of the best all round health, fitness and well-being strategies within easy and affordable reach.

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