Testimonials - Athletes

Lynda L - Former Olympic Athlete and Olympic Coach

I’m a former elite athlete and even after 15 years of retiring from the Olympic level, I still maintain excellent fitness, so I wasn’t expecting a lot when I tried EWOT. Indeed, the immediate sensations were not like other people’s reports. My blood oxygen concentration started at 99% and finished at 99% and I wasn’t able to really bring it down much even with the altitude settings and going as hard as I could! What I do notice however is something that all I can do is WISH I had EWOT when I was an elite athlete! I don’t notice the big improvements in old injuries or energy levels, or breathing capacity, etc., that other people notice. But I am highly aware of how rapidly I recover from workouts that normally take all day! For example, a 3 hour paddling session would normally wipe me out all day, but 15 minutes doing a recovery protocol on EWOT has me ready to go again in just a few hours! For an elite athlete the implications are simple – better quality training at every session and less down time due to overtraining. This equals better adaptations to the training load, and ultimately better performance on the day. Again – I WISH I HAD EWOT WHEN I WAS AN ELITE ATHLETE!!!!

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