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I am in my 60’s and the doctors wanted to tell me about a serious illness that was threatening my life! I won’t accept their diagnosis or prognosis and believe there is a lot more that I can do to help myself. The path the medico’s suggest is absolutely frightening! So, after a while I found a wonderful nutritionist who has had me on cleanses and detoxes and a brand new diet and supplements that have really helped. Recently, while searching for even more ways to help myself, I found EWOT in Australia! I immediately signed up for 10 sessions, and after the first session put in an order for my own machine. Why? I had surgery about 6 months ago to investigate the “issues” and have had surgical pain in my lower abdomen ever since. After my first session on EWOT that pain disappeared for 24 hours! And after a few sessions it has gone for good. Then from just a few sessions I began to notice how much more energy I had and how much better I was feeling. My nutritionist noticed the difference too and she began to believe, for the first time, that I WILL prove the doctors wrong! EWOT is the “breath of fresh air” I needed to begin the journey towards good health. I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who is going through serious health issues! Stan W


I enjoy running and have been doing a trail run of 7 kilometers every week for the past three months. I do the run because it is in the bushland, very beautiful and peaceful. I don’t run this trail to improve my time, but to enjoy the surroundings and the “alone time”. However, about two weeks after starting regular EWOT sessions my time for this run improved 15 minutes – without even trying or training for the improvement! I certainly wasn’t trying harder but I was aware of how the hills felt easier and how much easier the last 2 k’s were! Very surprised by the improvement! Can only put it down to the EWOT!


I’m 33 years old, above average fitness and tried the EWOT Energy Plus yesterday. The mask allowed for easy intake of oxygen and for the first 5 minutes I was warming up. When the oxygen dropped to about 18% it was such a contrast, the air felt quite dense and required a greater pull to get a comfortable amount. During that stage we turned the resistance on the bike up a couple of notches to increase my heart rate. This went for 30 seconds and when the oxygen switched to high it was such a rush, really filling the lungs and breathing became quite easy. For the next couple of changes the contrast between low oxygen density and high was significant. By the 3rd section I felt the lactic acid building up in my legs during the low oxygen density phase. When the high oxygen phase kicked in it was incredible, the lactic acid dissipated and any fatiguing effects were gone. The intensity of the exercise was amplified from the increased resistance of the bike coupled with the contrasting oxygen phases and I found myself longing for the oxygen blast. Afterwards I had a 3 hour drive down the coast and noticed a higher level of concentration for the drive as well as waking up feeling refreshed and feeling no side effects. Thanks again, David


Hi my name is Ross, I work the usual 9-5 desk job as an engineer and after years of weight gain and in-activeness I have gone back into getting fit and healthy over the last few months. I am also a mild sufferer of Asthma and have been diagnosed with Rosacea which is an inflammation of the skin which makes high intensity exercise difficult due to being one of the major triggers for my rosacea. I have heard of oxygen therapy helping people with rosacea and asthma so I got in contact with Matthew from EWOT Australia and after a brief chat I booked into my first session. I was skeptical at first as to whether oxygen therapy could help with my ailments but thought “what do I have to lose other than continual suffering with this disease”? I did a 10 minute cycling session starting with 2 minutes at a steady pace at high altitude and after proper adjustment of my breathing patterns, with the professional guidance from Matthew, I was getting into a good rhythm. After a short period I could start to feel the burn in my body from the high altitude (low oxygen) air being pumped into my lungs. I then did 1 minute with high oxygen to get ready for some sprints. I then did a 30 second hard and fast cycle and in the last 10 seconds I could really feel the lactic acid build up in my legs and body and I was struggling to maintain a fast pace which was telling me that I was pushing myself in the heart rate zones that I needed to be at. Then suddenly the pure oxygen was switched on and WOW I could feel an immediate change in my body with the lactic acid build up gone and I felt like I was floating. We did 3 fast high intensity bursts for 30 seconds on high altitude, low oxygen and 90 seconds recovery of high oxygen followed by 2 minute a cool down on high oxygen at medium cycle pace. When the session ended I felt like I was floating in air and my mental awareness was at a level that I have not experienced before. Before the EWOT session I had also done a grueling weight session working 15 sets on shoulders and 6 sets of biceps and normally after a session like this my body would be extremely fatigued and I would be resting on the couch afterwards but after the EWOT session I found myself wanting to go back into the gym and do another weight session as I felt I had cheated the natural physical progression of weight lifting which is to damage your muscles and feel pain so that they can recover and grow. I also get a lot of muscle soreness after a weight session and a few hours after doing the EWOT session I had no tension or soreness in my muscles at all which was an amazing feeling. The biggest surprise though came later at night when I could feel my skin rejuvenating and producing a glow to my skin which I had not seen for a long time and the redness was not there after doing a grueling exercise session. My skin feels clean for the first time in a long time. I will definitely look at doing more sessions with EWOT Australia to see how much I can reverse the effects of my Rosacea and I thank Matthew for giving me the opportunity to try a different approach to exercise and for providing a new lease in life.

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