Testimonials - Australia

CrossFit Moreland Team

A big thank you to Matthew from EWOT Australia for allowing us to demo one of the latest fitness tools, EWOT ENERGY – an advanced oxygen delivery system. With the ability to super saturate your O2 levels or mimic high altitude training, this is an excellent tool for CrossFitters looking to get the edge in their training. Highly recommended for a speedy recovery. You can find out more info about EWOT Australia here: http://www.ewot.com.au/ The CrossFit Moreland Team

Taryn - Naturopath

My name is Taryn, I’m a Naturopath and recently I have been suffering sciatic pain running the length of my leg caused by a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. I have also experienced sluggish energy levels impacting my cognitive function. I have heard a little about oxygen therapy before and was intrigued to try it out to see how I would feel. I was unsure as to the amount of exercise I needed to do as I have not been exercising on a regular basis since the injury. However, to my surprise the 15 minutes on the exercise bike wasn’t taxing on my body at all, it actually made me feel extremely energised. The session consisted of short 30 second sprints on high altitude air followed by a recovery period of 90 seconds receiving high oxygen air. I instantly felt better after the session and this light energised feeling has lasted all day! I didn’t feel a slump in my energy levels throughout the afternoon and felt switched on all day. More so, I had negligible amounts of pain in my back and leg and was able to move freely in ways I haven’t been able to lately. I can’t wait for my next session!

Solomon - Psychologist and University Lecturer
My name is Solomon, I am a Psychotherapist and University Lecturer with over 10 years experience in the mental health industry. As a mental health professional It’s vital that I maintain a balanced mind in order to be of genuine assistance to the clients that I treat. When I tried the EWOT machine this morning, I was there predominantly to test the EWOT’s effects on my physical body, I suffer from chronic sinus and reoccurring joint pain cause by multiple vehicle collisions. However, what surprised me the most and was undoubtedly the most satisfying outcome was the effect the EWOT machine had on my mental well being. After 15 short minutes on the bike, interchanging between high altitude sprints and 100% pure oxygen recovery, I was and still am blown away by the subsequent positive effects the EWOT machine had on my mind and body. I felt an instant clarity of mind, it felt as though the world was moving in slow motion and the calming effect this had on my body cannot be understated. My mind chatter almost vanished, my worries about the day ahead were gone, I felt relaxed, calm and totally in the present moment, I am still rather overwhelmed by the EWOT’s ability to do this. It’s like doing exercise and meditation wrapped into 15 short minutes. The energy and clarity it gave me to see out the rest of my day and evening was impressive, I managed to run a lecture, see patients and fit in a grueling leg workout, which I rarely have the energy to do after a long day. The EWOT machine’s effect on my sinuses was extraordinary, after the 15 minutes was up, my sinuses were draining naturally and I felt cool air reach the back of my throat through my nose which is extremely rare for me. I get tension headaches regularly and had one before I used the EWOT machine today. By the afternoon my headache was gone, my mind was clear, I was breathing better and the extra energy meant that I got so much more done.

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