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B Kielland

Despite quitting smoking 5 years ago, I have been struggling to get rid of the wheezing and wet coughing that came from smoking continuously for 22 years. About 7 years ago I pulled a hamstring doing splits in Yoga, and tore it further a few years later in the same exercise. I have never been able to get completely rid of the injury and have not been able to get into splits since then. I installed my EWOT yesterday, I had done a big workout the day before and my body was rather sore, on top of that I had a cold and slight fever, so I reluctantly went on the machine, and after the first 8 min on high O2, I did 30 seconds sprint on low O2, however when I flicked back the switch to high O2, the room started moving and the exercise bike felt like it was floating in space. I felt free and full of life, all my fatigue and muscle soreness gone, I was hooked. After my first session, my hamstring injury was reduced to 50% pain, my smoker’s lungs gone and I can now draw deep breaths without my lungs burning and coughing up stuff as I use to. My senses were more acute, even my eyesight improved, my cold and fever gone and I just felt great. When going to bed, I was out like a light and woke up refreshed and rested and thought I had slept for 20 hours, I had only slept 3. I slept 3 more hours and woke up jumping out of bed to switch on my EWOT machine again. After the second session, the hamstring injury was reduced to 25% and my energy levels shooting up, I went for a 3 hour walk, while filling up the reservoir again, jumped on the machine, and did a gym workout immediately after. After the workout I did some basic stretching and tried my luck, my hamstring injury was reduced to 10% and I went for it, straight into splits easy and without pain for the first time in 7 years. This was achieved not with a pill, or surgery or some far away retreat isolating myself from the rest of the world to heal my injuries, this was achieved in 15minutes in my own house using nature’s gift, just a deep breath of high powered Oxygen. I was so impressed with the EWOT, that I am now a reseller of EWOT systems and will encourage anyone and everyone whether suffering from old injuries, ailing or old, athlete or gym freaks to get on the EWOT and live with less pain and fatigue and more energy and vitality to enjoy every breath of life to the fullest.

Shiva Subramanian

Firstly I must say that the extreme EWOT experience surpassed all my expectations. I have been an athlete most of my life and enjoy my health and fitness, however using the EWOT protocol has improved the quality of my life specifically in terms of my health and fitness levels. Health 1) Asthma Soon after I got the EWOT trainer I had a bad series of asthmatic attacks due to an allergic reaction. Generally when this happens it takes me a couple of weeks at least to get back to my previous levels of training. By going on the oxygen training alone 15min a day for five days, slowly ramping up my cardio everyday I was back to my best within 5 days and feeling great. 2) Immunity and allergies As I travel a lot with my work and I am exposed to many people as well as different environments. I am always aware of being susceptible to sniffles, minor colds, allergies etc. By actually following the instructions for the immunity protocols especially before I fly for my business trips and as soon as I return. I have managed to stay well and feel fantastic for the longest time I can remember. 3) Sleep I think that it’s a combination of the above but I am certainly sleeping better for less time and waking up feeling super refreshed perfectly in time to hit the EWOT trainer. Fitness 1) Increased fat burn One of the best parts of training on the Extreme trainer is that with high intensity, high altitude cardio training I am compressing my training time to just 15 minutes a day and getting fantastic cardio pulmonary results. With the increased efficacy of the oxygen working in my body my recovery is almost immediate and I feel no fatigue during the day. Best of all it seems that because of the increased cellular efficiency of the oxygen I am burning the fat easier. 2) Muscle recovery max Another amazing benefit I found is that during a heavy weight training session. I deliberately breathe Oxygen during the intervals, firstly this allows me to do more intense training and I don’t feel the telltale signs of fatigue of a heavy weight session for the rest of the day. I can now do a heavy session in the morning and still have a great day at work. Just to add that I can feel a speed up of overall recovery times on all muscle groups. 3) Breathing Efficiency Ok so this is a big one for me by going on the extreme altitude trainer I am able to feel a huge change in my lung capacity (especially being asthmatic). My breathing has changed for sure as I have to breathe deliberately because of the mask. I really have to inhale deep and exhale hard. The lack of oxygen makes you really concentrate and breathe economically. The results are incredible when you are training without the altitude setting essentially you are able to do way more at a lower heart rate. It is especially obvious if you are training with a heart rate monitor. 4) Pollution control I enjoy running especially outdoors. As I live in a polluted city it is often really hard on my lungs and recently I stopped outdoor training to preserve my lungs. Now with the EWOT trainer I am back at my outdoor training as I get back and was off with about ten minutes of clean 90% pure oxygen. Its just simply fantastic. To put in a nutshell just experience EWOT once and its done, you can feel the benefit within the first session. That’s how simply amazing it is.


I am a Danish national living in India for 11 years and have been studying Yoga under various Master Instructors for several years. While stretching after an EWOT session, it occurred to me that why not try Yoga EWOT style. All my yoga teachers always said breathe, breathe, breathe. This of course while being in impossible positions that more feel like restricting the airflow rather than encouraging it. I have done Yoga for nearly 5 years under different teachers and different forms and styles, however all of them warm up with Surya Namaskara, or the Sun Salutation. This is the cardio of yoga if you will, each Asana or stretch is done while forcefully inhaling or exhaling, so I thought let’s try wearing the EWOT while doing it. I switched between High O2 and Low O2, then flicked back to High O2 and the effect was crazy, it felt like I levitated and floated in space and I could literally feel the High O2 entering the bloodstream and washing away toxins. It was truly amazing. The benefits from this were equally impressive, when I use to train, I trained a lot, every morning and evening I would do 1 hour Yoga, and I use to believe no pain no gain. That attitude let to a hamstring injury, and chronically damaged ankle, and several other minor chronic aches and pains . I have been extremely busy in my business the last 5 years and haven’t done any Yoga in several years, mainly because of time, but also because I just could not afford walking around with sprained and injured muscles while working around the clock. But as we have a 1 week holiday in India I thought let me give it a shot. After the first switch between High O2 and Low O2, I could stretch deeper easier than when I did 1 hour yoga every morning, and no muscle soreness, no lactic acid build, even today when I woke up no soreness, nothing, just the feeling that I have used and stretched my muscles and it feels great. Even the old aches and pains and injuries are decreasing in pain every day I use the EWOT. I am now able to achieve more in 15 minutes of Yoga warm up exercises, than I normally would in 1-2 hours of intense Yoga. The EWOT system is simply amazing.

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